Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (2023)

Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (1)

11 days from £1,999pp (without flights)

With the shimmering blue of the Andaman Sea and the refreshing green of Thailand's lush interior, it's oursElephant Hills and beach holidayJis all about enjoying the colors of nature.

Relax on the beaches of Khao Lak and experience unforgettable adventures in Elephant Hills. This route offers the perfect balance between relaxation and recreation.

What can you expect during our holiday in Elephant Hills and Beach?

Located on the west coast of southern Thailand, the seascapes of Khao Lak are as picturesque as it gets. With beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters and fantastic opportunities for sea and land adventures, Khao Lak is the ideal beach holiday destination. But it's getting better. Relatively less crowded than its more popular counterparts such as Phuket or Krabi, Khao Lak offers a luxurious bathing experience while maintaining a tranquil, rustic atmosphere. Spend a day on some of the city's enchanting beaches, take unforgettable snorkeling and diving trips to nearby islands with amazing marine life, and explore the region's spectacular landscapes.

Our second legElephant Hills and beach holidaytakes you to Thailand's first luxury jungle tent camp. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Khao Sok National Park, Elephant Hills offers an authentic safari experience amidst a tropical rainforest. Sign up for ethically designed elephant interaction programs, go on jungle walks and surround yourself with the sounds of the forest.

Our Elephant Hills and Beach Holidays start from £1,999 per person.

Here are some of the highlights of itKhao Lak and the Elephant Hills-

In Khao Lak

  • Rent a bicycle or motorbike and go to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Khuk Khak Beach, White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach are among our favourites.
  • Snorkel in the waters of the Similan Islands - they are considered one of the best snorkeling and diving spots in Thailand.
  • Discover the secrets of Thai cuisine in an informative and fun cooking class
  • Hike to refreshing waterfalls in Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park. Lam Ru, a five-tiered waterfall, and Ton Chong Fah Falls are great day trips.
  • Experiment with a range of Thai street food options at the Ban Niang night market or dine at restaurants at some of the region's top luxury resorts
  • Explore Khao Lak's shipwrecks and incredible marine life on scuba diving adventures.
  • Explore the vast coral reefs and marine life of the Surin Islands, a 90-minute boat ride from Khao Lak.
  • Click on the images and enjoy the breathtaking view of Phang Nga Bay from Samet Nangshe viewpoint.

In Elephant Hills

  • Feed and interact with the giants of Khao Sok National Park, the Asian elephants.
  • Glide down the waterways of Khao Sok National Park on a canoe safari.
  • Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings on a long tail ride on Cheow Lan Lake.
  • Spend a night or two in a floating tent at Rainforest Camp.
  • Learn about the flora and fauna of the forest on insightful jungle walks.

Get in touch with nature and enjoy a special Thailand experience away from the crowds with our Elephant Hills and Beach holiday. Contact our travel experts and tailor your trip. We promise a magical experience.

Discover other parts of Thailand with our fascinatingMulticenter vacation in ThailandNot!

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Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (2)

Highlights of the trip

  • Enjoy the quiet, sun-drenched beaches of Khao Lak
  • Come face to face with endangered Thai elephants at the ethical and sustainable Elephant Hills
  • Awaken your inner adventurer with ziplining, diving and jungle trekking in Khao Lak
  • Relax in Thailand's first luxury tented camp at Elephant Hills

Start your journey

target 1

Khao Lak

8 nights

Located on Thailand's west coast, Khao Lak is a dreamy escape of white-sand beaches, calm waters, and tropical jungles. Just south of Khao Lak, you can brave the Elephant Zip Line, which takes you through the jungle while taking in sweeping views of the coast. The best diving and snorkeling spots can be found on the Surin and Similan Islands, which are popular for spotting marine life. Dive in and spot dolphins, reef sharks and sea turtles. Then book a speedboat trip and explore the surrounding coastline.

The locals of Khao Lak are friendly and welcoming, and it is not uncommon for visitors to be invited to Thai cooking classes. Learn the delicious secrets of Thai cuisine in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere within the smiling community. End the experience by tasting your own amazing creations.

Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (3)
Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (4)
Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (5)

goal 2

elephant hill

2 nights

Elephant Hills in Kao Sok National Park is a natural paradise surrounded by lush jungles and towering limestone mountains. Among the countless elephant sanctuaries with unethical practices, Elephant Hills is a breath of fresh air. This is a strictly protected park where visitors can meet and interact with the beautiful mammals in a fun and sustainable way.

Spend the day learning about the resident elephants and trying to feed and interact with them. In the evening you can relax body and mind in the luxurious tent cabins, equipped with all the comforts you would expect from a luxurious stay. The experienced elephant trainers will inform you about your stay and tell you the fascinating story behind Thailand's first luxury tented camp. Discover Elephant Hills and get a refreshing and fascinating look at Asia's largest land mammal.

Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (6)
Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (7)
Bespoke Elephant Hills and Beach Holiday - Hayes & Jarvis (8)

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What is the best time to visit Thailand? ›

When is the best time to visit Thailand? The best to visit Thailand is during the cool and dry season between November and early April, when temperatures range from 84°F to 97°F. However, the climate varies throughout the country, so you can visit all year round.

Where is Elephant Hills in Phuket? ›

Elephant Hills is located in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand's Phang Nga Province. The Tented Camp is set in Thailand's tropical jungle environment and The Rainforest Camp floats on Cheow Larn Lake. Transfers available from Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak and even Koh Samui.

Are there any real elephant sanctuaries in Thailand? ›

Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) is located in the Northern province of Sukhothai, Thailand. Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary is an elephant sanctuary that provides a warm home for elephants that have been rescued from abusive or exploitative situations.

What is the most expensive month to go to Thailand? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Thailand

High season is considered to be January, November and December.

What month is the cheapest to go Thailand? ›

The best time to book flights to Thailand is during the off-season months of April, May, September, and October, when flight prices are typically cheaper due to lower demand.

What is the closest airport to elephant Hills Thailand? ›

The closest and most convenient airport is Surat Thani (URT), just above one hour away from Elephant Hills. Flight options do include flights to Bangkok. Phuket Airport (HKT) is about 2 hours' drive from Elephant Hills.

Can you swim with elephants in Phuket? ›

Visit the most ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. This Phuket elephant tour includes some incredible experiences. Go swimming with elephants and enjoy elephant bathing in Phuket at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary!

Where do the Kardashians go in Thailand? ›

We checked into Iniala Beach House, the resort where the Kardashians vacation. Over the years, for Indians, Thailand has come to be known for a quick, action-packed holiday. From partying to food trails, weddings to honeymoons, weekend getaways to water activities, it's all happening here.

How to find beautiful girl in Thailand? ›

At a Gentlemen Club. The easiest place to meet women in Bangkok would be where the most beautiful Thai girls hang out: in a gentlemen's club. In these ultra-private and luxury VIP clubs (learn more about gentlemen's clubs), men of status and ranking gather to relax, drink, and have fun with stunning women.

How many days do you need in Phuket? ›

If you love being on the go and are happy to see everything at a fast pace, 2 days in Phuket might be enough for you. But if you'd like to slow things down and have a little more time to spend at each attraction, you might want to consider 3 or 4 days in Phuket instead.

Is it ethical to bathe elephants in Thailand? ›

Yes, elephant bathing is unhygienic. As such, it's harmful to you and the elephant. If an elephant stays in the water for an unnaturally long time, it will eventually urinate and defecate in it.

Is it ethical to visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand? ›

After much scrutiny, Thailand has embraced ethical animal tourism and has provided safe sanctuaries for its national animal: elephants. Elephants were used in wars, logging, and trekking to the point of them being abused, starved, and mistreated. Now, they have safe spaces to roam freely without human intervention.

How much does it cost to go to Elephant Sanctuary Thailand? ›

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary offers a variety of packages to choose from. You may book a full-day tour comprising transfers to and fro your accommodation and jungle activities. And, the price for Elephant Jungle Sanctuary full-day tour costs 2400 Baht, i.e. INR 5256 for adults, while 1800 Baht.

How much will a Thailand trip cost? ›

Thailand Packages
Thailand PackagesDay/NightPrice
Unforgettable Trip to Krabi & Phuket Package7 Days/6 Nights₹70,907
A Week In Pattaya & Bangkok Package7 Days/6 Nights₹48,841
Chill at the Beaches with a Tinge of City Life Package8 Days/7 Nights₹79,595
7 more rows

What is the best month to visit Phuket? ›

The best time to visit Phuket is from December through March. This is the north-east monsoon season. Mainland Thailand blocks the monsoon rains, leaving only cool breezes and blue skies over Phuket. The average temperature is around 24°C to 32°C (75°F to 89°F) and the humidity is at its lowest.

What is the rainy season of Thailand? ›

When is rainy season in Thailand? The rainy or 'monsoon' season in Thailand occurs between July and October. The rains in the first few months are heavy but inconsistent (lasting just a few hours), whereas towards the end they become more persistent.

Is Thailand an expensive place to visit? ›

Thailand is not an expensive destination. It is a cost-effective country to travel around. For a lot of things, Thailand is very affordable. Moreover, Thailand can suit all kinds of budgets, from economical to luxury.


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