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Oct 25, 2017 - For those looking for small-scale urban retirement, there's no better choice than Greenville, South Carolina. It has parks and a city center that attracts people every day of the week, including Sunday mornings. There are plenty of accommodation options downtown, so everything you need is within walking distance. There is an ever-expanding bike path that runs through the heart of downtown and 8 miles up the road - through the Furman University campus and into Travelers Rest, SC. The cultural scene is bustling with frequent festivals, numerous events and a variety of cultural resources.

This fast-growing city in northwestern South Carolina has 68,000 residents in the city proper, while the greater MSA area, including Spartanburg, has nearly 1 million residents. The city center has been the subject of intense and successful redevelopment efforts. This paid off, as the city received the Great American Main Street Award from the National Trust for Historical Preservation in 2003 and 2009. The city has a diverse industrial and commercial base with factories such as Michelin and BMW. It is home to several colleges and technical colleges, including Furman University and Bob Jones University. It is home to several minor league sports teams, including Boston Red Sox minor league team Drive. It's a thriving community for the arts. Downtown Greenville is home to many specialty stores and boutiques.

what reallyGreenvilleespecial
We were lucky enough to visit this beautiful city earlier this week with relatives and friends who live here. Upon entering, we knew we would like it, but it was still a happy case of experiencing reality better than expectation. Although we have already been to its suburbs several times, which are very pleasant, the city center was a very pleasant surprise.

After driving into town, we parked at our friend's house in a beautiful neighborhood of single-family homes and townhomes. We then went one block further and entered Falls Park on the Reedy, a large West End regional park with gardens and several waterfalls.

The $15.0 million park that showcases the falls is home to the Liberty Bridge, a pedestrian suspension bridge overlooking the falls.

What's really most remarkable is that, as you walk the trail above the falls, you get to the heart of the $75 million public-private project, Riverplace, across Main Street. There are restaurants, shops, entertainment, and ample, inexpensive above-ground parking. We were there on a Sunday morning and the streets were packed with families and couples looking for an adventure. It's certainly the rare urban center that can claim foot traffic on a Sunday morning, but Greenville does it with its main street. We were amazed.

As atrações do centro incluem o Peace Center, um centro de artes cênicas que inclui uma sala de concertos com 2.100 lugares e um teatro com 400 lugares. O Zoológico de Greenville é uma atração popular no centro da cidade - a partir daí, o parque oferece acesso contínuo à Swamp Rabbit Trail, que continuatravelers rest.

Other cultural and sporting venues in the area include the 5,000-seat multipurpose Timmons Arena at Furman University, the Upcountry History Museum, the TD Convention Center and the Bon Secour Wellness Arena. Fluor Field in the West End is home to the Greenville Drive baseball team, the Class A offshoot of the Boston Red Sox. The stadium shares many of Fenway Park's features, including a depiction of the legendary Green Monster of Fenway.

O que fazer
A cidade tem um fluxo constante de festivais e eventos divertidos. Alguns deles incluem o Euphoria Greenville, um evento culinário anual de três dias realizado no Wyche Pavilion em Larkin's on the River. A arte no parque é outra. O Greenville County Museum of Art é especializado em arte americana. Fall for Greenville é um festival de música e comida de rua de três dias realizado a cada outono. Artisphere é um festival de artes de três dias realizado na primavera. Para o esporte, há o beisebol da liga secundária Classe A com o Drive e o Greenville Swamp Rabbits da ECHL. Haywood Mall é um grande shopping center na área.

Onde morar
For the urban experience, there are plenty of housing options in the city center or within walking distance - from single-family homes to condominiums. The Zillow Home Value Index is at the national average of about $200,000. Mills Mill converted into loft condos. Our friends live in a small row house that is peaceful and charming, yet next to the falls in Reedy River Park. There are nice apartments above many shops in the center of town. Outside the city there are manyActive Adults from Greenville and 55+ Communities, if that's what you're looking for.

Other aspects – crime, health, transportation
O crime está acima da média dos EUA, mas diminuiu na última década, agora um terço abaixo dos níveis de 2000, enquanto a população da região continua a crescer.

O Aeroporto de Greenville-Spartansburg é bem conectado e atendido. Existe um serviço Amtrak. As pessoas usam Uber aqui e há rotas de ônibus. Mas seu carro, bicicleta ou pés serão seu principal meio de transporte. A Interestadual 385 e a Interestadual 85 apresentam tráfego pesado na hora do rush. A Woodruff Road pode ser brutal, especialmente nos fins de semana, pois esta rua é um importante corredor comercial. A cidade está convenientemente localizada a meio caminho entre Atlanta GA e Charlotte NC (cerca de 160 quilômetros de qualquer maneira). As montanhas estão a cerca de uma hora de distância e a costa a cerca de 3,5 horas de distância.

Medical care is of high quality and comprehensive. Greenville has two main healthcare systems, the Bon Secours St. Francis and the Greenville Health System.

politically speaking
Greenville is in a very red state to the south. If your political leanings are conservative, you're a perfect fit. If you're moving here from a blue state and you're liberally oriented, you're going to need to make some adjustments. That was certainly the case for our friends who are very happy here but feel they are in the minority. If you find a Democrat in Palmetto State, it's likely to be Greenville.

resultado final
In our opinion, Greenville is the perfect example of a place that offers an ideal urban environment on a manageable scale. You can live downtown, go shopping, walk or bike. It has huge parks and a very busy center. There is an incredible variety of cultural and sporting spaces. If these describe what you're looking for a place to get away, come and check it out!

Comments?Is this the kind of retirement you are looking for? Have you lived in Greenville and have any experiences to share? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Comentários sobre Greenville, SC: a aposentadoria perfeita em uma cidade pequena

Fiona disse:

October 25, 2017

Meu marido e eu nos aposentamos em Greenville e moramos em South Greenville por quase 3 anos. Compramos uma casa de 7 acres pensando que teríamos um pouco de paz e privacidade, mas estávamos tão errados! Acabamos cercados por cães latindo, pessoas atirando e a imprudência geral de nossos vizinhos, cujo filho andava de bicicleta suja para cima e para baixo na propriedade. Em nossos sonhos mais loucos, não esperávamos essa “cultura”. Mudamos para a área de Charleston e estamos construindo uma casa em uma comunidade com mais de 55 anos. Portanto, faça sua devida diligência e verifique a área que você está considerando a qualquer hora do dia ou da noite. No geral, a "cultura" é muito diferente do que estávamos acostumados. No lado positivo, compras e atividades suficientes, conforme mencionado no artigo.

Alice diz:

25 de outubro de 2017

The Charleston area, particularly growing Berkeley County, isn't much different (except you must live in an over 55 community with few residents). It's Southerners and that's the culture, regardless of its price. If you don't like it, there are many other parts of the country to consider, each with its own unique culture. If you want to head to the east coast, think of Florida, the most northeastern state of the southern states, but also the cities along the southeastern coast, which are home to many transplants.

Fiona disse:

October 25, 2017


I agree with your assessment of the South. That's why we're building a 55+ community where there are rules and someone to enforce them. We just didn't want to take any more risks in the "community" although there were houses that interested wasn't worth it!

administrator said:

25 de outubro de 2017

Olá pessoal. Gostaríamos de lembrá-lo de que esta história era sobre o estilo de vida "urbano", não morando no campo ou em uma comunidade com mais de 55 anos e nem morando no sul. Não é para todos, mas para muitos é um estilo de vida perfeito. Se você estiver interessado em discutir a vida em uma comunidade ativa ou com mais de 55 anos, este artigo será interessante. Obrigado a todos por suas contribuições - esperamos mais.

Jack says:

October 25, 2017

Tudo o que você disse sobre Greenville está correto. Uma cidade excelente. A Furman University hospeda um Osher LLI, que é outra vantagem. A Montanha de Paris é outro lugar especial para residências, bem como um lindo parque/lago para campistas noturnos. E campos de golfe!
Yes, you are in a RED state. And YES, you have some rednecks, but you don't have to live in the areas they live. Most likely you will live in a neighborhood similar to the one you are leaving, or even more upscale in retirement. And Greenville has them in triplicate.
You have a happy city. We moved to Charleston because we wanted to be closer to our grandchildren.

David says:

25 de outubro de 2017

I moved here from Connecticut two years ago and I feel that Greenville is a very special and unique place. The article is spot on in terms of the beautiful city center, surrounding parks, nature centers, art and cultural scene.
It is always noted for the excellent choice of several restaurants... quality and quantity. A delight for gourmets! Catch a football game, shop, watch a game, dine out, ride the free trolleys or just take a stroll in beautiful Falls Park or Main Street. Yes, Woodruff Road can be a traffic problem at certain times, but it also has everything you could possibly need and most of the buildings are newly constructed and tastefully decorated. Greenville's healthcare system is also very expansive and growing I believe. The mountains are nearby with some beautiful hiking trails and scenic lookouts. One thing not mentioned in the article was the cost of living. It really is like night and day compared to Connecticut. My property taxes are 1/8 of what we pay in Connecticut and for more houses and land. Utilities are also lower, with meals costing about the same. Jobs are plentiful, with unemployment in Greenville currently at 3.3%. All in all, it was a big step for us, but we couldn't be happier! We love Greenville and look forward to seeing it improve every day... we just wish we had moved sooner.

Elaine Cubbins disse:

25 de outubro de 2017

Eu moro no sul do AZ, que não é o mesmo "sul" mencionado acima. Acho que esse tipo de cultura é nacional porque tenho vizinhos a leste dos meus 5 acres que fazem a mesma coisa que mencionei acima. Você nasceu e cresceu em AZ. Eu ouço tiros, ATVs e comentários racistas ao meu redor, então está em toda parte, não apenas no sul.

Jasmim diz:

25 de outubro de 2017

I live in Connecticut on 4 acres and I hear gunshots, ATVs, dogs barking, constant chainsaws cutting down trees, and racism all around me. I seek my utopian retirement in peace and quiet.

Karl said:

25 de outubro de 2017

My wife and I moved to Greenville from Michigan in 2012 for work. We lived 2 miles from the center of town. We used to walk to the center of our house. We like the city center a lot. It reminded us of a smaller Ann Arbor. There's so much to do, especially in the summer. They had four seasons there. They even caught some snow. Close to Asheville, NC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston was about 3 hours away. People there were very friendly. We had to go back to Michigan for work. We would consider moving back to Greenville when we retire.

William DeyErmand disse:

October 26, 2017

Greenville é um ótimo lugar para os moradores da cidade. Existem muitos apartamentos e condomínios. Prefiro cidades menores com cerca de 20.000 habitantes, com menos tráfego e barulho, como Gaffney, a leste de Greenville. É um bom conselho verificar áreas dia e noite e alugar por temporada.

Lynne these:

October 27, 2017

My husband and I visited several potential locations that we thought would be great places to retire. We spent about a week in Greenville and really loved the place. However, we are seeing house prices in Greenville spiral out of control. There seem to be a lot of "pinball machines" in the area, people who buy houses, make small improvements and then bring them to market in a big increment. We were really disappointed to see so much of it. There appears to be a price bubble. New builds are also quite expensive.

KT says:

November 2, 2017

2 pensamentos: procure bairros de residências unifamiliares e inverno. Quão frio/neve no chão no inverno? Também mais sobre programas de saúde e. G. Blaukreuz, Humana etc. não estão interessados ​​em área cultivada. obrigado katia

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