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We are:

supply chain and we move fast, think fast and work fast. Our Fortune 500 clients need change across the board, so we approach their challenges from every angle with functional insights, data power, digital leadership, and deep industry experience. Our job is to show customers how to make breakthroughs in planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment, while also becoming more sustainable and resilient. How we do it We named the most important metrics. We reduce costs, optimize capital, improve response times and take ESG values ​​into account. We connect suppliers and customers throughout the extended supply chain. And we create strategies and operating models that really work.

Is it so:

Inventory planning expert. They know that companies need to stock the right amount of the right product or material to remain profitable. And he has the data literacy and experience to find ways to make the whole process more efficient throughout the supply chain. You also have the communication skills to make sure everyone understands your ideas and how to get them up and running as quickly as possible. Your experience also means that people come to you for advice and ideas. And he knows how to make sure teams get their work done on time, every time.

The work:

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  • Find solutions to customers' planning and manufacturing problems.
  • Convince senior clients and Accenture executives why alternative approaches might be needed
  • Decide which methods and procedures to use when executing projects
  • Work only as needed or lead various small to medium sized teams, either at Client or Accenture
  • Make sure projects help clients achieve their important goals
  • Be willing to question old ways
  • Use the latest analysis tools to help clients identify and understand:
    • who are your customers
    • what these customers want
    • What assets do they have and how do they use them?
  • Provide customers with useful information about:
    • Approaches for better forecasts
    • Opportunities to increase profits
  • Set inventory goals that help provide the right level of customer service while keeping the cost of doing so as low as possible.
  • Ensure customer stock levels are adequate throughout the supply chain as needed
  • Find the right planning strategies to meet customers' business and value-creation needs, such as: B. Relocation, Build-to-Order, Build-to-Hit, and Build-to-Order
  • Leveraging digital technology to help clients find new ways to make things cheaper and make their organizations more effective and efficient
  • Lead workshops looking at ways to improve manufacturing organizations and processes.
  • Be prepared to earn those miles by traveling to customers Monday through Friday.

Currently, all Accenture domestic and international business travel is limited to essential customer sales/delivery activities.

Please note: The safety and well-being of our employees remains our highest priority and our travel decisions are based on the government's COVID-19 response guidelines, recommendations from leading health authorities and guidance from a variety of of infectious disease experts.

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This is what you need:

  • At least 5 years of experience working with inventory forecasting, planning, and optimization
  • Minimum 3 years experience as a consultant
  • bachelor's degree

Bonus points if:

  • You can use the latest data analysis tools to identify where customers can improve their forecasting and inventory management.
  • You can spot where to find new value in inventory management and just explain it
  • You have worked on strategic cost reduction projects.
  • You know everything about master data and demand planning and statistical forecasting technologies.

As required by the Colorado Equal Pay Transparency Act, Accenture provides an appropriate minimum wage for positions available for employment in Colorado. Actual compensation will be affected by a variety of factors including, but not limited to, skills, experience level, and specific office location. For the state of Coloradoonly, the starting salary for this position ranges from $157,000 to $166,999. Information about the services offered can be found here.

what we believe

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We have an unwavering commitment to diversity, seeking that each of our collaborators have a full sense of belonging to our organization. As a business imperative, every Accenture employee has a responsibility to create and maintain an inclusive environment.

Inclusion and diversity are central to our culture and core values. Our rich diversity makes us more innovative and creative, helping us to better serve our customers and our communities. read more here

Statement on Equal Employment Opportunity

Accenture is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that no one should be discriminated against based on differences such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, or sexual orientation.

All employment decisions must be made without regard to age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, citizenship status, or any other basis provided by is protected by federal, state, or local law.

Accenture is committed to providing our service members with veteran employment opportunities.

Please see a copy of Accenture's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement for further details.

requesting accommodation

Accenture is committed to providing equal employment opportunity, including reasonable accommodation where necessary, to people with disabilities or religious beliefs. If you are hired by Accenture and you need accommodations to perform the essential functions of your role, you will be required to participate in our reasonable accommodation process. Adjustments made to facilitate the hiring process are not a guarantee of future or continued post-employment adjustments.

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If you would like to be considered for employment opportunities with Accenture and need housing due to a disability or religious belief, please call us toll free at 1 (877) 889-9009, email us or speak to your recruiter.

Other job references

Applicants for employment in the United States must have a work permit that does not require sponsorship of a US work permit visa now or in the future.

Candidates currently employed by an Accenture client or Accenture affiliate may not be eligible for consideration.

Job applicants are not required to disclose sealed or expunged conviction or arrest records as part of the hiring process.

The Company will not discharge or discriminate against any employee or applicant for soliciting, discussing, or disclosing their own compensation or that of another employee or applicant. In addition, employees who have access to other employees' or applicants' compensation information in the course of their important job responsibilities may not disclose other employees' or applicants' compensation to anyone who does not have access to the compensation information, unless the disclosure is (a) in response to a complaint or formal charge, (b) in furtherance of an investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an investigation conducted by the Employer, or (c) pursuant to established disclosure requirements by Company law.

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Job ID:

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Accenture Inc-R00016579

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What is supply chain management Accenture? ›

We help companies manage the complexity of transforming their supply chains into future-ready supply chain networks that balance the evolving expectations of customers, employees, investors and others, fuel profitable growth, and do business the right way.

What does a supply chain manager do? ›

The supply chain manager coordinates, organizes and manages all logistics involved in the production and distribution process of a company's goods. According to the BLS, supply chain managers oversee the entire life cycle of a product.

What do you do in supply chain management? ›

Supply chain managers are responsible for the entire product lifecycle—from raw materials through final delivery. Their goal is to limit costs, improve accuracy, customer service, and safety. They look for opportunities to streamline processes and improve productivity to meet distribution needs.

What is a unique way Accenture could demonstrate our XR capabilities to this client? ›

what is a unique way accenture could demonstrate our xr capabilities to this client? a: show the client a standardized virtual reality offering built identically for all industries.

Is supply chain management a high paying job? ›

The yearly salary range for a supply chain manager in India is INR 30,00,000, according to PayScale.

What are the 4 main areas of supply chain? ›

Integration, operations, purchasing and distribution are the four elements of the supply chain that work together to establish a path to competition that is both cost-effective and competitive. Communicating and collaborating with all parties is a business strategy that eliminates errors and saves money.

Is supply chain a difficult job? ›

Yes, being a supply chain analyst is a hard job.

This position comes with a lot of responsibility and areas of oversight that can make it hard to keep track of all the moving parts if a person is not diligent about managing their job duties.

What are 5 key roles in the supply chain? ›

The five functions of supply chain management include the following:
  • Purchasing. The first function of supply chain management is purchasing. ...
  • Operations. ...
  • Logistics. ...
  • Resource Management. ...
  • Information Workflow.
4 Feb 2021

Is supply chain a desk job? ›

Supply chain managers work in a variety of settings. They may transition from working at a desk in an office to observing operations in a manufacturing or warehouse facility. They may also travel to meet with suppliers and other partners.

What are the 7 supply chain functions? ›

While supply chain is a very broad career field, it has 7 primary functional areas: Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Warehousing, Transportation, and Customer Service.

Is supply chain management a good job? ›

Supply chain work is rewarding.

In fact, on a scale from 1 to 10, 88% have a positive outlook on their careers and would recommend supply chain as a rewarding professional path to others.

What are the 6 types of supply chain management? ›

Here are six types of supply chain models that can drive supply chain management for a business:
  • Continuous Flow. This is one of the most traditional models on the list. ...
  • Fast chain. The fast chain model is one of the new names in supply chain strategies. ...
  • Efficient Chain. ...
  • Agile. ...
  • Custom-configured. ...
  • Flexible.
10 May 2022

What are the 5 core values at Accenture? ›

Our 6 enduring core values—Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for the Individual, Best People, Integrity and Stewardship—shape the culture and define the character of Accenture.

What do you think are the three qualities to work at Accenture? ›

Effective communication skills.

It's important to speak up and be unafraid to ask for help. At Accenture, it's important that you have a passion for technology and a desire to constantly learn and upskill. Your future employer is looking for you to have interest and passion for what you're going into.

What are the key factors that attracted you to Accenture? ›

Innovative work. A unique, diverse workplace environment. Continuous learning and development opportunities. These are just some of the reasons we're consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work for, and why our people choose to grow careers at Accenture.

Is supply chain a stressful job? ›

Supply Chain by its very nature is a high paced, adrenaline infused, stress laden profession. Throw on top of that the stresses and strains that accompany a global pandemic and the stress levels can become overwhelming.

What is SCM salary? ›

Area Sales Manager ( A.S.M ) salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 13.3 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 55 salaries received from Area Sales Manager ( A.S.M )s.

What is salary for MBA in supply chain management? ›

The national average salary for a MBA Supply Chain is ₹9,33,502 in India.

What are the 3 P's in supply chain? ›

Supply Chain and Risk Management: “3Ps” – Predictive, Proactive, Prescriptive.

What are the 3 main flows of supply chain? ›

There are three main flows of supply chain management: the product flow, the information flow, and the finances flow. The Product Flow – The product flow involves the movement of goods from a supplier to a customer.

What are the 3 pillars of supply chain management? ›

Our three pillars (or fundamentals) of great supply chain management excellence are strategy, service, and cost.

How many hours do supply chain managers work? ›


Usually work 40 hours a week. However, overtime is common during project deadlines.

Does supply chain have a future? ›

Future supply chains will need to be much more dynamic—and be able to predict, prepare, and respond to rapidly evolving demand and a continually changing product and channel mix. In short, supply chains will need to become agile.

Is supply chain a lot of math? ›

Yes. Many advanced tools and techniques in supply chain planning, such as machine learning, inventory management, predictive maintenance, and automation, all rely heavily on mathematics.

What are the four 4 stages of supply chains? ›

What are the components of your supply chain you should be focusing on right now?
  • INTEGRATION. Integration starts at your strategic planning phase and is critical throughout your communications and information sharing and data analysis and storage. ...

How do I prepare for a supply chain interview? ›

One of the best supply chain management interview tips is to research the company.
Research the Company
  1. What services or products does our company offer?
  2. Why do our customers choose our company?
  3. How many locations does our company have?
  4. What is the mission of our company?
18 Jun 2020

What are the 8 key supply chain processes? ›

8 Key Business Processes for a Seamless Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management. ...
  • Supplier Relationship Management. ...
  • Customer Service Management. ...
  • Demand Management. ...
  • The Order Fulfilment. ...
  • Manufacturing Flow Management. ...
  • Product Development and Commercialisation. ...
  • Returns Management.
18 Nov 2022

Is supply chain related to HR? ›

Supply chain management may be a different department of the business but it falls under the human resource department. In fact, every sector of the business is the concern of the HR team. This is because the HR team has to hire these professionals and look after their training, development, and satisfaction.

Is supply chain a high demand job? ›

Career Benefits

Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management are some of the fastest growing fields nationwide. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of logisticians is projected to grow 30 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Is supply chain management a hard skill? ›

Some of the most important hard skills a supply chain manager can possess include work with production procedures, management of supply chain logistics, and project management. It's important that supply chain managers have these skills because they will likely be major parts of the job.

What are the 5 types of supply? ›

There are five types of supply—market supply, short-term supply, long-term supply, joint supply, and composite supply.

What are the 5 stages of the supply chain? ›

Supply chain management has five key elements—planning, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, delivery, and returns.

What are the 2 main goals of supply chain management? ›

The primary purpose of the supply chain is to fulfill demand, drive customer value, improve responsiveness, facilitate financial success and build a good network. Most primary goals of efficient supply chain management should be – faster delivery, Higher efficiency, and an accelerated cash flow.

Is supply chain a good career 2022? ›

If you're a procurement and supply chain professional, your skillsets are in huge demand right now. Businesses are increasingly turning to procurement and supply management professionals to deliver growth and improve margins.

Is supply chain management a good career in 2022? ›

Yes, Supply Chain Management is a good career as it offers a plenty of job opportunities with good salaries and a lot to learn ensuring positive growth in career. It is one of the most diverse field in the business sector as it is interconnected with all other functions.

What is the highest position in supply chain management? ›

16 highest paying supply chain jobs
  • Purchasing manager.
  • Supply chain analyst.
  • Supply chain manager.
  • Quality manager.
  • Capacity manager.
  • Global commodity manager.
  • Category manager.
  • Sourcing manager.
1 Mar 2021

Is it easy to get a job at Accenture? ›

It's not hard at all. Well, with some caveats. It depends entirely on your background experience, which job you have applied for, and how well you prepare your interview. Getting a position at a Fortune 500 company is a pretty big deal.

Does Accenture provide free food? ›

Accenture Employee Benefit: Free Lunch or Snacks | Glassdoor.

Is Accenture a big 5 company? ›

A Fortune Global 500 company, it reported revenues of $61.6 billion in 2022. Accenture's current clients include 91 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500. As of 2022, Accenture is considered the largest consulting firm in the world by number of employees.

Is it easy to crack Accenture interview? ›

Cracking the interview at the giant is anything but easy. There are so many things that go in and out of the mind of the candidates that end up with not so good results. Accenture is hiring software engineers and if you are planning to crack the interview then it is not essential to be prepared.

How do I pass Accenture skills interview? ›

One question you can absolutely count on being asked during an interview is “Tell me about yourself.” This is your time to shine by perfecting your personal elevator pitch. Keep your answer brief by following the “Present, Past and Future” format.

How to pass an interview at Accenture? ›

Remember, verbal communication in interviews should be around 50/50.
Set the “virtual” stage.
  1. If it's a video interview, check your tech and test the meeting link. ...
  2. Put your accessories away, put your phone in airplane mode and have a pen and paper to take notes.
  3. Dress up rather than down.
9 Jun 2022

Why should I hire you Accenture? ›

Exemplary Answer: “Accenture is a renowned brand in the market, which is a prime reason to pursue a job in this organization. And there is a good work-balance. Accenture provides a favorable work environment and compels the employees to work together in learning environment.

What is Accenture best answer? ›

Accenture is an Irish multinational company that offers professional services in the field of Information technology and consulting. It is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies with reported revenues of $50.53 billion as of 2021.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in Accenture? ›

“I look forward to learn new skills and improve my knowledge to advance my career. In five years from now, I see myself as a knowledgeable professional having an in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry.”

What are 5 steps in supply chain management? ›

Supply management is made up of five areas: supply planning, production planning, inventory planning, capacity planning, and distribution planning.

What are the 5 basic components of supply chain management? ›

The Top-level of this model has five different processes which are also known as components of Supply Chain Management – Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.

What is the three 3 components of SCM? ›

Generally the key aspects of Supply Chain management are Purchasing (sourcing), Planning (scheduling) and Logistics (delivery).

What are the 3 types of supply chain? ›

The 3 Levels of Supply Chain Management: Strategic, tactical and operational. The three levels of supply chain management are strategic, tactical and operational.

What are the 6 main components of a supply chain? ›

CIO, the business magazine from Boston's International Data group, have identified six core components of good SCM: Planning, Sourcing, Making, Delivering, Returning, and Enabling.

What are the 6 goals of supply chain management? ›

Their key goals for supply chain management should be to achieve efficient fulfillment of demand, drive outstanding customer value, enhance organizational responsiveness, build network resiliency, and facilitate financial success.

What are the two types of supply chain? ›

The 2 Types of Supply Chains
Reactive Supply Chain StrategyData-Driven Supply Chain Strategy
Operational improvements based on guesswork or imitating competitorsA data-driven approach helps even best-in-class manufacturing operations find new ways to improve efficiency[iii]
5 more rows

What are the 5 most important factors of SCM? ›

Supply chain management has five key elements—planning, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, delivery, and returns.

How many pillars are in supply chain? ›

The three pillars of supply chain management are strategy, service, and cost.

What comes first in SCM process? ›

Plan. The initial stage of the supply chain process is the planning stage. We need to develop a plan or strategy in order to address how the products and services will satisfy the demands and necessities of the customers. In this stage, the planning should mainly focus on designing a strategy that yields maximum profit ...


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